Thursday, September 16, 2010

Fully Contracted


As of this week, we are fully contracted with Lifetime Adoption. We are very excited to be taking this plunge after exhausting what feels like every other avenue out there! I talked to as many as 10 adoption agencies in a week some weeks. "We have too many families right now" "We only do about 6 adoptions a year" "You're not the right religion to work with us" "Our fees are $40k" "We don't have many expectant mothers that we're working with" "We can't work with you if you didn't do your home study with us" "We not licensed in the state of Kansas".

We feel very confident that Lifetime is where we need to be. From our first conversation with them, we felt like they were just different. I'm feeling like I needed to go through the past year of ups and downs to fully appreciate what we have and where we are.

We are excited.

Our contract on its way to Lifetime...


Dana even took a photo of the FedEx lady when she mailed in our Sacred Selections grant funds! HAHA! She's excited for us, too!


Thank you for your prayers so far on our journey! We still have a ways to go, but at least now we know what path we are taking. :)


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Miriam said...

HAPPY for you, sweet Erin!! Much love!

Alison said...

Hey Erin! So glad you entered our giveaway! And so glad to find your blog! So excited for ya'll as you begin your adoption journey! I will be following! Wonderful news!!